Judy Stanger studied fine art during her undergraduate years and has also undertaken coursework at The Woodstock School of Art and The Cape School of Art, and exhibited her work in a solo show in a gallery in Stone Ridge, NY in January 2014, as well as numerous silent auctions. 

Subjects of interest have been seascapes in Cape Cod and other Atlantic coastlines and landscapes in the Hudson Valley, NY, as well as in Arizona. She draws her inspiration for seascape renderings from the sheer beauty that is expressed through the poetic character of light and color in seaside settings. Landscapes inspire a distinctly different sensibility by distilling the visualization of images represented in nature such as mountains, rivers, and barns through their interactions with light and color.
A graduate from SUNY New Paltz’s educational studies department with a Master of Professional Studies (MPS), and in 2004, a graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences at the State University of New York at Albany with an interdisciplinary Doctorate degree in the Humanities.
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